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About Alana Homesley

I am a Los Angeles-based interior designer specializing in clean, modern aesthetics and refined, yet relaxed, high-end residential spaces. After studying interior architecture at CSULB and then Interior Architectural Design at UCLA, I cut my teeth at respected architectural firms. There, I developed not only a practical mastery of spatial relationships, but also a deep respect for and fluency with architecture. I am lucky to count many of these early collaborators as creative partners to this day. In 2006, after the birth of my first daughter, I founded my own interior design practice to align my professional aspirations with my personal ethos.

For over 10 years, I have worked in and around the greater Los Angeles area, as well as on select special projects in Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, and beyond. I have become known for my custom millwork, furniture design, material selection, and an overall ability to complement and elevate architectural elements. I’m a versatile and hands-on designer and am typically intimately involved in every step of a project—from initial space planning to material specifications, through to selection of furnishings and the smallest of finishing touches. I work closely with clients, architects, lighting designers, and general contractors, and believe that collaboration is key.

I thrive on the challenge of finding the right mix of styles for each new client and project, and find great inspiration in creating spaces that resonate on a very personal level.

Professional Ethos

I believe that good design is transcendent. It inspires, energizes, and can set us at ease. It can promote peace and tranquility, joyfulness, and fulfillment. I am so thankful for the opportunity to create harmonious interiors that through thoughtful design might foster these types of feelings. 

I also know that the work of creating harmonious interiors doesn’t begin and end with the design of a space—there’s much more to it. The collaborators we choose to help us bring a vision to life, the types of conversations we have, and the very spirit we bring to the table all have a tangible impact on each and every project and space. I value a friendly and integrative work process with the entire team—from the architect to the lighting designer, landscape designers, general contractors and subcontractors—and I regard clients as true collaborators. The work of designing spaces is personal stuff and I place deep value on this. Throughout my career, I have honed my personal design aesthetic—words like warm, balanced, layered, elegant, and relaxed all come to mind—while excitedly exploring unique design opportunities. I have a deep, practical understanding of spatial relationships, a discerning eye for detail, and a truly collaborative spirit. I am passionate and detail-oriented; thorough, but also thoroughly easy-going. I believe that excellent design can, and really ought to be, a truly positive expression and experience.

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