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A true labor of love, this California Beach Craftsman belongs to a group of cottages built around 1905 in a historic district in Santa Monica. The challenge, here, was to unearth and restore the structure’s inherent romance—lost to years of bad remodels and deferred maintenance—while evolving for a modern family’s lifestyle. A new kitchen, upstairs bedrooms, extensions to the original Douglas fir flooring, and lovingly restored millwork strike the right balance of old and new. Furnishings are classic and intuitive (think vintage carriage lamps flanking the fireplace). Previously dark and dilapidated, we were inspired to reintroduce airiness, light, and life into every corner of the space, thus restoring the home to its history as a cozy and idyllic weekend retreat, gleaming in the morning sun and ocean breeze.

Santa Monica, CA
Interior Design: Alana Homesley Interior Design
Architecture: Evens Architects
Photography: Manolo Langis

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