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Mandeville Canyon

Tucked serenely amid a small grove of eucalyptus and pine trees, this California modern home plays with contrasts. The din of nearby Sunset Boulevard falls away within the walls of this nearly 9,000 square foot residence and its surrounding canyon. Full walls of windows open out into nature in a breezy, effortless manner. A palette of neutrals alongside pure, simple lines complement, rather than compete with, the architecture and landscape. We explored textures such as silk, wool, and suede rather than overt color. Pops of warm hues as well as glossy, polished metallic accents create interest, while organic materials, like solid, poured-in-place concrete walls and textured grey-washed cedar, catch light and feel modern, yet earthy. Overall, the feeling is sophisticated, peaceful, modern, and inviting—a perfect home for living and entertaining.

Los Angeles, CA
Interior Design: Alana Homesley Interior Design
Architecture: Rockefeller Partners Architects
Photography: Eric Staudenmaier

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